About Us


FREE HENS is an acronym for Free Range Eggs Eco-System (FREE) set up as per European standards by Horticulture Entrepreneurs & Naturalists Society (HENS) of Kashmir.

Under the FREE HENS System the premium poultry birds like the Rhode Island Reds and the Leghorns are reared in the open spaces like orchards and expansive grasslands in the sylvan environs of the Kashmir Valley.


The hens are in their own element on the free-ranges, and are allowed indoors only during the night time and inclement weather. They exhibit their natural behaviour in the open like fluttering of wings, scratching of soil, sun bathing, dust bathing, scuffing for insects, shells, grit, etc. Apart from getting a balanced diet, the hens meet their additional nutritional requirements by feeding heartily on a variety of greens and bugs on the free-ranges.

The sole purpose of FREE HENS is to provide fresh, wholesome and nutritious meal to the people in the form of healthier free-range eggs under the brand name FRESH (Free-Range Eggs Special Harvest) Eggs.